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I have read a lot of books and watched multiple films that are about the exact same topic. What astounds me is that each though similar in the most basic aspect vary greatly on others. Take for instance the topic of vampires. In the films Underworld and The Lost Boys, both are about vampires. The theories about vampires in these movies however vary. In The Lost Boys if someone is to become a vampire they have to drink a vampires blood and then fall to their death off a bridge or just simply die. The idea in Underworld is that you must be bitten and drink blood, or be born a vampire. I enjoy both takes on becoming a vampire because it gives you different insights into the world of fantasy and the unknown. Another example in the films category is Twilight and Van Helsing. In VH Dracula cannot live in the sunlight because it will cause him to burn and die. Twilights take on the sunlight is that their bodies will simply twinkle as though it is covered in diamonds. The idea that vampires twinkle is cute and very creative, but I prefer the age old burst into flames theory. (That is just my opinion and preference.) In books, poems, and other works these same differentiating ideas and/or theories have been found throughout history. Many believed that a vampire is a body brought back from the dead. Which in my opinion makes me think of todays zombies. Others believe they are a type of demon, and in some cases fallen angels. In my own preference I love the idea of a fallen angel. The fact that vampires are unknown and fictional gives the human mind endless possibilities to theorize their creation and habits. I, myself, have been writing a story containing my own theories surrounding vampires, and how they came to live in our imaginations. I hope to soon have this published and add my own perspective of this topic to the literary arts.



  1. Everyone tries to add their spin to the legend. Some good (underworld), and some bad (every twilight movie…)

  2. I’ve never heard of that before very interesting and creative theory! Where did you find that out?

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